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We Know First Hand That Modern Parents Want Real Answers…

That’s why we do what we do.

When we entered parenthood, we were completely overwhelmed.

All we really wanted was to raise healthy & happy children.

But beginning with the birth of our first daughter, we quickly realized we had a lot to learn.

We had questions about how to better care for our child & ensure that we were making the best possible choices for her health & well-being…

and we didn’t like the answers we were getting from our doctors.

We wanted to do things more natural.

We wanted alternatives to things like antibiotics.

We were curious about what chemicals were in our child’s vaccines.

We were wondering what impact food was having on our kid’s health.

We wanted to feel informed as parents.

And all we got were blank stares or oodles of judgement.

So we decided to get our own answers.

And what we found wasn’t in the latest parenting magazine, mommy blog, or on WebMD.

Instead we looked back in time, to what our ancestors were doing.

How they were eating.

What connections they had with their environment.

The old school medicines that healed for generations.

And with these discoveries, our whole family began to change.

Our bodies were stronger. Our minds calmer. Our spirits brighter.

We keep learning everyday about how to take care of our children & ourselves.

And we invite you to join us in doing the same!

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I so enjoy Sean’s teaching style, his inquisitive mind, & the way he has married the teaching of Chinese Medicine into modern everyday life.

Sean has a style of teaching that is concise & direct, simple yet deep.

Shar'ron Strasser

Owner , Medicine Shack

I carried such emotional exhaustion for so long, and my work with Sean transformed me in a way that left me able to breathe easy again. I felt connected to myself in a spiritual way I never had before, connected to the universe, and not alone, he opened my eyes to a greater compassion I did not know existed.

I think how Sean presented the information as something attainable to me made it less intimidating. He kept saying it is not a competition with everyone else, just focus on me, it is my journey, and when I did that, I felt the growth. Sean made it relatable to my life now, and above all, I felt that he actually cared.

Jo Ann Tunnel, RN, PHN, CMT

Holistic Nurse & Massage Therapist, Live Well 4 U